How my two decades as a realtor inspired AgentLoop

How My Two Decades as a REALTOR® Inspired AgentLoop

It’s hard to be a real estate agent

I have spent most of my real estate career trying to help agents and brokers grow and develop their business. A ruthless, often cut-throat business that lives on the premise of “every day I wake up unemployed.”

If you’re a real estate agent, unless you have transactions pending in escrow, you are essentially unemployed and wondering where your next paycheck is coming from.

That’s an uncomfortable position. You’ve got to constantly prospect for new business, juggle multiple transactions, and practically act as a therapist and counselor for all types of people. It’s not an easy job. Frustrations abound.You’re bombarded by vendors promising the next great tool to help you gain untold wealth and fame.

It’s hard to be a great real estate agent.

Trillions of dollars

What if there was something that could help? I’m not talking about some “super app” that has a thousand features and requires a computer science degree to use. What you need are affordable, easy-to-use tools that do an important job and can make your life easier and more productive.

You, the real estate agent, are an integral part of the real estate ecosystem. Without you, the system would be non-functional.Trillions of dollars are spent every year in real estate. It’s not surprising that so many businesses want a slice of that trillion dollar pie. Many such vendors want to help themselves. It’s just basic human nature.

Not AgentLoop

AgentLoop wants to help you.We’re serious about keeping agents … in the loop. Communication, collaboration, and networking are all important aspects of growing your business, andAgentLoop can help you with all of that. A simple-to-use app lets you connect and network with agents across the country. It allows you to get the most important feedback on your listings there is – which agents have clients potentially interested in your listing. 

Yes, of course, AgentLoop wants to build a product and be a company that investors can trust. We can’t do that without keeping our customers–real estate brokers and agents–in the forefront. We can’t be successful unless you are successful. Our “north star,” our “guiding light,” is easy to define–it’s you.

That’s why I co-founded AgentLoop. It provides a product agents need, in a simple format, and it’s a company that keeps the realestate agent community front and center, where it belongs.

So download the App and try it.  It’s completely free to get started and takes 30 seconds to set up your profile.  
Jay Thompson

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